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«޲Ʊ Research Library

Welcome to the «޲Ʊ Research Library, part of the «޲Ʊ Information Services Office (ISO). ISO is responsible for creating, maintaining, and disseminating a «޲Ʊ knowledge base which supports the research and administrative needs required to fulfill the scientific, engineering, and technical mission of «޲Ʊ.

Projects and Programs

Impact Metrics

The «޲Ʊ Research Library documents the impact of «޲Ʊ’s scientific research with a comprehensive suite of measurement tools and analyses. These include

Publishing Services

The Information Services Office is the publisher of the «޲Ʊ Technical Series reports and the Journal of Research of «޲Ʊ. Librarians ensure the discoverability

Internal Resources

«޲Ʊ Staff can find resources on our (restricted access)