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«޲Ʊ Museum and History Program

The «޲Ʊ Museum and History Program, as part of the Information Services Office, aims to increase awareness of the achievements and history of «޲Ʊ through research, collection, and exhibition of scientific instruments, archival materials, and other historical artifacts.

News and Updates

Field of Dreams

A field off River Road, about 10 miles from «޲Ʊ Gaithersburg campus, once held the world’s largest radio telescope and was the site of the discovery of

Solar Eclipse 1936

«޲Ʊ physicist Irvine C. Gardner designed a 4-meter long eclipse camera with a 23-centimeter astrographic lens to study a total solar eclipse in 1936. The data

QA to QC Thanks to Dr. Fanti

If you have ever discovered a useful library book in the QA to QC shelf number range (Mathematics, Astronomy, and Physics), you have «޲Ʊ’s Aristide Fanti to

Cool It, Hot Rod: Improving Early Lasers

In the first decade after the invention of the laser one challenge to improving laser quality was the distortion of a laser’s rod due to absorption of heat